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Reduce conveyor downtime with INNO wooden flights

One of the most common causes of chain conveyor standstill is deformed steel scrapers. Due to the often inherently heavy nature of the materials being conveyed, scrapers buckle and can cause irreparable damage to the chains and sprockets.

With the increasing use of on-site energy generation, fractured metal chain conveyor components finding their way into chipping units and furnaces is another key concern for many plant managers.

In response to these issues, our German division FB Ketten has developed an innovative new type of scraper attachment using technology previously found in Formula One skid pads and terror-proof cladding for buildings.

The new Inno scrapers are made from multi-laminated beech which, when processed and assembled using thermosettings, weigh one-tenth of traditional steel scrapers but are equally as durable. By using this tough yet lightweight material we have been able to reduce the stress exerted on the conveyor drives and limit damage in case of overloading.

Instead of buckling like traditional steel scrapers, Inno scrapers snap without damaging the conveyor chain or sprockets and can be quickly and easily replaced.

Furthermore, being made of wood, they can be disposed of as usual in shredders and furnaces.

“Our new Inno scrapers have saved our clients time and money. They do not cause costly damage to other components when overloaded and can be replaced easily, thus getting the conveyor going again quickly after a jam. Due to the weight saving compared to steel scrapers, they are also more efficient and save on energy costs,” commented Peter Church, Managing Director of FB Chain.

Inno scrapers are available in three different strengths according to application and offer customers a range of benefits including increased efficiency, reduced downtime and reduced replacement costs. Technical specifications can be found at

“Inno scrapers offer a real alternative to old-fashioned steel scrapers,” added Peter Church, Managing Director of FB Chain.

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