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Side plate material selection

sawmill conveyor chain

The major requirements of a high quality conveyor chain are excellent wear life, optimum strength and consistently high fatigue resistance.

In order to achieve such benefits we press out and manufacture the various component parts to very close tolerances. We also select high grade steels that, once heat treated, will continue to ensure the desired end results.

We have spent many years working with Scandinavia’s leading steel producers, refining and honing our steel selections, so that we can confidently manufacture high quality conveyor chains for use in the most demanding and arduous applications.

We believe that selecting the correct materials for conveyor chain is so important that we regularly manufacture our chain using two different side plate materials. In doing so, we can ensure that our conveyor chains will provide optimum performance matched to the required application.

Key to our selection of materials is their weldability.

Standard Steel

  • Similar to St52-3 and S355J2G3 with higher yield strength 410 N/mm²
  • Carbon content under 0.20 %
  • Hardness circa 180 HB 
  • Very good for welding
  • Produced in Scandinavia


This side plate material is often used in applications which require where there is greater wear on side plates area or where extra strength is required.

  • Similar to StE500 with higher yield strength 520 N/mm²
  • Carbon content 0.25 – 0.30%
  • Hardness circa 220 HB
  • Very good for welding
  • Produced in Scandinavia

Conveyor chain side plate materials used by FB Chain

Materials% Carbon Yield Strength ReH N/mm² Tensile Strength ReH N/mm²Weldability Hardenability
 Standard <0.20% 355 490 > 630 Very Good Poor
 FB1000 0.25% – 0.30% 520 600 > 800 Very Good Very Good

Typical materials used by other European conveyor chain manufacturers

 Materials % Carbon Yield Strength ReH N/mm² Tensile Strength ReH N/mm² WeldabilityHardenability 
 ST60 0.40% 315 570 > 710 Very Poor Good
 ST70 0.50% 345 670 > 830 Very Poor Good
 C45 0.45% 305 580 Very Poor Very Good
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