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Welded conveyor chain

Welded conveyor chain – the benefits

FB conveyor chains with welded pins and bushes offer high durability against shock loads and tensile strengths that are 30% higher than ISO Standard conveyor chains commonly found in the marketplace.

Using FB conveyor chain with welded pins and bushes can also reduce the chain size selected.  FV250A160 for example, can be replaced by FV180A160, which is 40% lighter and takes up far less space.

All materials used in FB conveyor chain have been specially selected with their weldability in mind. We have also been guided by the considerable help of leading Scandinavian steel producers and welding specialists from the University of Lappeenranta.

By selecting the correct material, and using automatic welding machines, we’re able to ensure high-quality, reliable and consistent results to produce conveyor chain with a dramatically longer wear-life.

Automatic welding machines mean we maintain tight control of the welding process, the welding temperature and energy usage.

And each size and type of conveyor chain has its own pre-loaded welding parameters which minimises the likelihood of human error.

The highly developed welding technology keeps the heat affected zone to an absolute minimum, which results in a finished conveyor chain that will stand the test of time.

In addition to the welding techniques employed, we also carefully protect the ends of our pins and bushes from hardening – which in turn improves the weldability of our conveyor chain, conveyor chain pins and conveyor chain bushes.

The following example illustrates the breaking load of FB’s M315-conveyor chain:

ISO StandardFB Round riveted pinFB Welded pin onlyFB Welded pin and bush
315 kN320-350 kN 380-410 kN440-470 kN

In 2004, following considerable research, development and testing, FB Chain changed the design of the welded pin used on our larger tensile strength conveyor chains.

This means that those conveyor chains above M160, FV140 and A12,5 now have round ends without locating shoulders.

This positive step has produced a construction that has the following benefits:

  • Improved welding connection
  • Lighter pre-setting of the side plates
  • Increased breaking load
  • Improved fatigue strength endurance

The following example demonstrates the force needed to break the rivet/weld of FB M315-conveyor chain:

 ISO StandardFB Round riveted pin Welded pin with flat surfacesWelded – new pin construction
Not specifiedAbt. 12.000 kgAbt. 15.000 kg Abt. 17.000 kg
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