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Why choose FB Chain over TMC overhead flight belts?

TMC may be the big-name brand in equipment for the paper making and tissue converting industry, but we’re giving them some healthy competition in the aftermarket – with replacement overhead flight belts  that perform as good if not better at a fraction of the OEM price.

Every manufacturer of facial tissues and toilet roll around the world will be familiar with TMC. For more than a decade FB Chain has  helped  so many  TMC customers – from small independent converters of paper to major international producers – to optimise their equipment. This experience has enabled us to develop a  specialism  in the paper making and tissue converting  industry.  

Of course, we are not experts in every aspect of paper making and tissue converting, but we do know a lot about conveying – and are constantly searching for ways to find efficiencies for our clients. For example, we can save money through a few design tweaks that lengthen component service life and, therefore, replacement schedules. Or we can re-engineer systems so that the motor does not have to work so hard to drive the conveyor, reducing electricity consumption.

 We have a particular skill in re-engineering seemingly expensive OEM serviceable parts and offering the exact same quality or, as in most cases, improving on the original specification. The overhead flight belts on the TMC zero wrapping/bundler machine are a case in point.

A nifty trick

On this piece of equipment, the belts are used as a set of six  with integral pusher lugs connecting to plastic finger pushers. The belts’ integrity with the pushers must be a homogeneous union, so we grind away the backing of the belt and fuse the pusher to the strongest part of the belt exposed by the grinding process. 

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