Designing a piece of equipment that uses a leaf chain as one of its key parts is not quite as simple as it might at first appear.

There are a wide range of factors you have to take into account to ensure the chain does it’s intended job, remains safe and does not wear prematurely. Just picking a chain out of a catalogue is neither a safe nor sensible option.

Of course, you could spend some time gaining the specialised knowledge necessary to design a suitable leaf chain solution, but do you really want to do that, when you could take advantage of a supplier with years of experience, deep expertise and comprehensive knowledge of designing practical leaf chain solutions that are safe and economical? They know the pitfalls, they know the product, and they know about all the small details that can save you time and money.

As specialists in the manufacture and supply of innovative and high-quality chain products for the materials handling industry and with years of experience, we are ideally placed to help with the design of leaf chain solutions.


design-solutions-example-2We can work closely with your design, engineering, procurement and scheduling departments to provide solutions for all your leaf chain needs, whether ‘off-the-shelf’ or custom designed and manufactured.

Or we can produce the whole design from scratch – consulting with you to create a solution that matches your requirements effectively and economically.

We can work with you to produce and refine prototypes, so when you go into full production you know implementation will be smooth and snag free.

From a consultancy role to complete design and delivery, FB Chain is known for providing exceptional quality and service and for their wealth of knowledge and years of experience.

Talk to us about your ideas, concepts or the problem you face – if it involves leaf chain, we can help.