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FBC Leaf Chain Manufacture 2.1

leaf chain and anchor boltsFB Chain is the UK arm of the FB Group, owned by Swedish company Addtech AB, and is the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of leaf chain.

All FB Chain's leaf chain and anchor bolts have a highly visible link showing the tracking or batch number which enables the complete manufacturing process to be traced back to its raw materials.

Our leaf-chain assembly solutions are tailor-made to ease scheduling and supply-related issues. Leaf chain is cut to length to eliminate stock loss and support lean manufacturing practice. With the addition of chain anchors we take thread to thread responsibility.

Bespoke leaf chain assembly kits, delivered just in time

Link plates are re-punched to correct the taper that typically results from conventional blanking. The re-punched hole is accurate and parallel which considerably increases the fatigue strength of the chain.

Shot peening fortifies leaf chain link plates and pins against fatigue failure by removing blemishes and creating beneficial compressive stresses on the surface.

The correct seating of the leaf chain elements is assured by pre-loading the assembled leaf chain to increase leaf chain life by minimizing the initial leaf chain elongation.

Your leaf chain is supplied pre-lubricated with superior quality chain oil to give the best possible start to the leaf chains working life and avoid the need to apply lubrication after the leaf chain is fitted.

Tensile strength and fatigue strength are superior to most leaf chains and in excess of the two international standards - ISO4347 or ANSI B29.B.

leaf chain for telehandlers

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