Leaf Chain is our business

FB Chain is the UK arm of the FB Group, owned by Swedish company Addtech AB, and is the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of industrial chain.

As each FB subsidiary focuses on a particular niche product, the group as a whole is able to offer customers highly specialised chain and associated parts for a wide range of different industries and applications.

Customers are able to order their required chain (including leaf chain, conveyor chain, roller chain, sawmill or sharp top chain) from their local FB branch which will then be shipped from the factory where it is produced.

What makes our chain superior?

What makes our leaf chain superior
  • Link plates are re-punched to correct the taper that typically results from conventional blanking.
  • The re-punched whole is accurate and parallel which considerably increases the fatigue strength of the chain.
  • Precision grinding the rivet pins, and double-punching the link plates, ensures there is constant pin to plate contact and allows all chain elements to share the load equally by reducing the bearing pressure.
  • Shot peening fortifies chain link plates and pins against fatigue failure by removing blemishes and creating beneficial compressive stresses on the surface.
  • The correct seating of the chain elements is assured by pre-loading the assembled chain to increase chain life by minimizing the initial chain elongation.
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