Leaf Chain products

SuperEndurance leaf chain

SuperEndurance leaf chain

SEB SuperEndurance wear-resistant leaf chain has solid seamless bushes pressed into two inner links. The bushes are made to be as perfectly round as possible, which increases and optimises the internal bearing area of the chain to distributes the load evenly across the pin and increase its resistance to wear.

The addition of O-ring seals helps to keep the grease locked inside the bush which again reduces chain wear and extends chain service life.

All the major dimensions, breaking loads and working loads of SEB SuperEndurance chain are interchangeable with FB standard chain so customers can safely fit SEB SuperEndurance chain to any machine currently using standard chain.

  • Corrosion protection - SEB chains are treated with a zinc flake coating which increases corrosion protection to more than 6 times that of an untreated chain.
  • Lubrication - The special O-ring holds lubrication in the key load carrying areas resulting in SEB chain requiring less lubrication which reduces operating costs and limits the amount oil which is washed off into the environment.
  • Extended service life - The extended life of SEB chain not only results in customers buying less chain but also means that trucks spend less time ‘out of service’. These major savings significantly reduce overall fleet operating costs.
  • Reduced bearing pressure - The O-ring and bush construction of SEB SuperEndurance chain reduces bearing pressure and retains the oil in place which extends chain life.

Leaf chain pins

Leaf chain pins

For each size of leaf chain we hold a number of different chain anchors pin lengths in stock. 

Chain anchor pins should be selected to ensure the pin grips the leaf chain anchor (clevis) correctly and that it does not allow excess lateral movement.

All our chain anchor pins are made from a special blend of carbon alloy steel which is heat treated and ground to achieve excellent strength and wear resistance.


Leaf chain cutting tool

Leaf chain cutting tool

The leaf chain cutting tool is a hand tool designed to be used by service technicians and maintenance engineers to enable them to make final adjustments to the length of leaf chain.

It is a very useful item when working on site, as it removes the need for using a grinder to remove the chain rivet head.

The heavy duty design is most suitable for ½ to ¾ pitch leaf chains but can also be used for some larger sized chains.

The leaf chain cutting tool pushes the pin straight out and does not require the use of a hammer and punch to make the final disconnection.

All moving parts can be replaced if required, so with some basic care, this robust tool can form part of a technician's toolkit for many years.

Anti-rust leaf chain

Leaf chain pins

If your equipment operates outside or in harsh environments, or frequently needs to be washed down, SuperShield corrosion resistance leaf chain will save you the cost and effort of replacing rusting forklift chain.

FB SuperShield coating is a multi-stage process where leaf chain links are coated before assembly, then further top coat is applied after assembly.

In our test cabinet (which aims to simulate harsh, corrosive environments) standard leaf chain begins to rust after around 12 hours while zinc plated leaf chain rusts after around 70 hours.

FB SuperShield corrosion resistant leaf chain stays rust-free even after 1000 hours - or the equivalent of five years without rust.

Once SuperShield corrosion resistant leaf chain has been brought into service, it can be treated like any other chain and must be regularly lubricated to prevent elongation caused by wear.

  • Salt spray performance - 1000hrs guaranteed in 5% neutral salt spray test (ISO3768 / ASTM B117).
  • Solvent resistant - Curing the metal surface ensures resistance to solvents, gasoline, brake fluids, etc.
  • Zero hydrogen embrittlement - The absence of acids or electrolysis in the coating process assures freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, which is commonly associated with electroplating processes.
  • Superior heat resistance - 290°C to 300°C

Leaf chain anchor bolts and blocks

Leaf chain cutting tool

Leaf chain anchor bolts or clevises are made from high-tensile alloy steel according to the required breaking strength and individual application stresses. Most normal applications are simple to and can use a standard product but occasionally unusual stresses such as tension, compressions, shear and bending affect require and a special design.

Leaf chain pins

Square and rectangle chain blocks are manufactured from high-grade alloy steel at least as strong as the chain they are fitted to. They can be designed with holes or Sheer face or in materials suitable for welding.



Leaf chain pulley

Leaf chain pins

We can manufacture simple leaf chain pulleys (see designs tips) which are perfect for slow moving and low frequency application. These chains be fitted with bearings or bushes.

Leaf chain pins

Sealed-for-life leaf chain rollers increase service intervals and minimise machine downtime due to maintenance. The design also eliminates the need for the costly cross-drilled pivot pins with grease nipples on standard pulleys.

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