Conveyor Chain Sprockets

What is a Conveyor Chain Sprocket? Conveyor sprockets are used to transfer power to conveyor chains. Simply put, they are wheels that have teeth that match with a conveyor chain to transmit motion. They come in single, double and up to quintuple formats. Usual specifications for conveyor sprockets are teeth number, bore diameter, hub diameter, outside diameter, hub one side or both, length-through bore and weight. Choice of material selection depends on transmission of power and speed, operating temperature, exposure to corrosive environments and noise factors. Where noise is a consideration, FB adopts noise reduction tooth profile technology. Conveyor sprockets with …

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Sharp Top Chain

At its core, sustainable forestry and wood processing has a modern sawmill where logs are cut into timber. The journey from log to timber is a high-tech process designed to optimise the yield from every log that enters the mill.

Attachment Chain

Attachment Chain What is attachment chain? Attachment chain is a speciality at FB Chain. International chain standard ISO 606 Short-pitch transmission precision roller and bush chains, includes K and M attachments, and extended pin attachments in section 4 it should be noted that there are a number of industrial chain manufacturers with alternative dimension for K and M chain attachments and the options for extended pin lengths and diameters is limitless. K chain attachment can be fitted to the outer and inner links of a chain plates are angled and have a one or two holes. The chain can be …

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Belts, Pulleys and Gears

FB Chain are regularly commissioned to design and supply gears for a wide variety of applications. Our teams are often asked to visit sites to identify and specify replacement gears on existing applications, which we then fully design and create in our CAD virtual environment. This technique ensures we offer solutions that work. Supply only – working to your drawings and specifications, we are able to offer competitive prices for gears, which are then made by qualified engineers to the highest possible standards. Quality, Material, Heat treatment and Gear graph Certification are also made available to back up the products …

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Roller Chain Sprocket Wear

Once a sprocket has worn, it can cause rapid chain wear and will need to be replaced at the first available opportunity. Replace it too early, however, and you could be incurring unnecessary costs.

Transmission Chain

It is a fact that there are more and more chain makers claiming they have the best quality chains on the market, FB Chain’s independent status and knowledge of the market place allow us to cut through all the marketing claims.

FB rEVOLUTION scraper chains

FB rEVOLUTION scraper chains combine the wear resistance of drop forged link chains with the innovation and field-proven features of modern FB conveyor chains. During a meeting with the maintenance manager of a well-known German producer of chip and MDF boards, we were challenged to design a forged scraper chain that could run faster over a longer distance, that could guarantee increased working life, and that could reduce downtime. When selecting the type of chain to be used in a scraper conveyor, the benefits of drop forged link chains were balanced against the advantages of conveyor chains. But while there …

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Standard Scraper Chains

FB Chain can provide a range of conveyor chains with attachments fitting wood or metal scrapers, from stock and on short lead times. Our standard scraper conveyor chain features a riveted construction, hardened and tempered link plates and case-hardened pins and bushes. The chain also features anti-rotation flats on the ends to improve efficiency and minimise wear. Welded pins and bushes and higher specification side plate materials can also be supplied for more demanding applications. Attachment Type F22 / F11 Chain with this attachment style is available fitted to the following base chains: FV140A125 – With attachments – x 500 …

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INNO Wooden Flights

Scrapers for trough chain conveyors are usually made of steel, plastic or a combination of the two. The advantages of plastic include its light weight and low friction coefficient. The use of steel, on the other hand, offers greater resistance and any type of reinforcement through welded constructions. The disadvantage of both materials is that excessive loads through foreign objects such as stones, steel clips, wires, etc. may bend them which can result in a reduction in the chain centre distance in double-chain conveyors. This then causes the chains jump off the sprockets − a serious breakdown is unavoidable. The …

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In order for a conveyor chain to perform well, the bearing surface must be lubricated. All FB conveyor chains are lubricated before they leave the factory, however re-lubrication should be carried out after installation, and at regular intervals, as a preventative measure. Correct lubrication will minimise power absorption, wear rate, corrosion and noise. In normal conditions and operating temperatures, a quality mineral oil with medium viscosity e.g. SAE 20W50 will suffice. But for specific application environments, specialist lubricants will be required. Industry Conveyor chains operating in certain industries will require specialist lubricants to avoid contamination or spoiling of the product …

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