SuperEndurance Leaf Chain

SuperEndurance-Leaf-ChainSEB SuperEndurance fatigue-resistant leaf chain has solid seamless bushes pressed into two inner links. The bushes are made to be as perfectly round as possible, which increases and optimises the internal bearing area of the chain to distributes the load evenly across the pin and increase its resistance to wear.

The addition of O-ring seals helps to keep the grease locked inside the bush which again reduces chain wear and extends chain service life.

All the major dimensions , breaking loads and working loads of SEB SuperEndurance chain are interchangeable with FB standard chain so customers can safely fit SEB SuperEndurance chain to any machine currently using standard chain.

  • Corrosion protection - SEB chains are treated with a zinc flake coating which increases corrosion protection to more than 6 times that of an untreated chain.
  • Lubrication - The special O-ring holds lubrication in the key load carrying areas resulting in SEB chain requiring less lubrication which reduces operating costs and limits the amount oil which is washed off into the environment.
  • Extended service life - The extended life of SEB chain not only results in customers buying less chain but also means that trucks spend less time ‘out of service’. These major savings significantly reduce overall fleet operating costs.
  • Reduced bearing pressure - The O-ring and bush construction of SEB SuperEndurance chain reduces bearing pressure and retains the oil in place which extends chain life.
leaf chain for telehandlers