About us FB Leaf Chain

Who is FB Chain?

FB Chain specialise in providing engineered solutions and improvements to power transmission, conveying, and general machine applications.

We work closely with our customers and are regularly commissioned to re-design existing applications or to re-engineer components and systems. Our knowledge of state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge technologies combine to improve overall efficiencies and productivity.

The workability and feasibility of all solutions are thoroughly investigated and created in our virtual CAD environment before becoming a reality. Every project undertaken can vary in size or requirements and is dealt with proficiently and professionally.

FB Chain are part of the FB Group whose origins in Scandinavia resulted in us being very strong in timber-based industries like paper production and sawmilling, our initial expansion outside the Nordics was based on these industries. Knowledge in biomass enabled the group to become market leaders in the energy from waste market. Our advanced production facility in Finland manufactures conveyor chains, sprockets and attachments for a wide range of industries. The chains are lubricated with an environmentally friendly special conveyor chain lubricant, which contributed to us being accredited to ISO14001 and ISO9000.

Individual projects have exceeded 1.5 million Euros in value, which bears testament to our customers’ confidence in the skills and expertise of FB Chain. We offer bespoke solutions across a wide range of industry sectors; this can vary from the simplest of packaging processes to aircraft elevators on warships. Our broad portfolio incorporates single component design through to full application concept, design, manufacture, build and install.

When working with FB Chain, you will fully appreciate the sheer passion and dedication applied to every project, large or small.

A centre of excellence – with a team that cares.

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