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Welded steel mill chains

FB Chain welded steel mill chains for adverse conditions particularly in sawmills

What is welded steel mill chain?

WHX Welded Steel Mill Chains (FB) are suitable for use under the most adverse conditions particularly in the wood and paper industries. The design as well as materials and heat treatments guarantee the highest fatigue strength, operational reliability and breaking loads.

We achieve this through wear-resistant heat-treated pins, welded bushes and a strong press fit in the chain plates. For the heavy-duty IBR design, the pins and bushes are first quenched and tempered to increase their tensile strength. In the next step pins and bushes are wear-resistant induction hardened.

Strong, dependable performance 

With WHX welded steel mill chains from FB Chain, issues can be reduced and production can be increased. Welded steel chains from our full line are designed to withstand harsh situations like severe shock loads, dust and debris, transporting up steep inclines and lifting big objects.

Superior quality as standard  

To ensure that the quality of our final chains is unmatched, FB Chain Welded Steel Chains begin with the highest quality steel. To make our pins, plates, and rollers harder, we go through a lengthy construction procedure. Chains made by FB Chain outlive the competition in challenging, severe settings because they are made with the best materials, techniques, and designs.

Longer chain life

The components’ hardness has a direct impact on the chain’s wear life. Simply explained, the wear life increases with part hardness. In order to achieve precise tolerances and the hardest wear surfaces possible, product developers at FB Chain’s cutting-edge manufacturing plant use computer-controlled furnaces and induction heat-treating equipment. This means that FB Chain Welded Steel Chains surpass the highest industry standards for wear life and durability and have the requisite toughness to withstand extremely high shock loads.

Maximum performance, less downtime 

You can rely on FB Chain’s products to perform better and hold up longer than those of the competition thanks to years of research, development, and testing. Over the previous years, a lot of chain makers have come and gone. Our highly qualified sales and engineering teams have the knowledge and motivation to contribute to the creation of chain solutions that raise the productivity of your operation.

Designed for forestry use 

For the forestry and paper sectors, FB WHX chains are designed to transfer materials under difficult circumstances. Pin and sidebar edges may experience severe wear from machinery like log decks and debarking drums. Due to the strengthof the pins and sidebars, their long wear lives, and precision dimensional design, our chains can endure significant impact and abrasion from wood chips, ash, and sawdust.

Practical tip:

FB Chain welded steel mill chains FB Chain

WHX welded steel mill chains from FB Chain with pressed and externally welded bushes increase the operational reliability and service life of the chains and sprockets.

Advantages of WHX steel mill chains

High quality and long service life welded steel mill chains

High quality long life WHX chains FB Chain

Thanks to high-quality steels, optimised chain design, process-controlled component production and heat treatment as well as fully automatic chain assembly.

High load capacity and fatigue strength welded steel mill chains

High load capacity WHX chains FB Chain

Link plates with optimal and strong press fit increase resistance to shock loads and lateral loads

High operational reliability and equipment uptime

WHX FB Chain welded bushes

Welded bushes and a strong press fit guarantee high fatigue strength and stability. Additional operational safety and a longer service life are provided by WHX conveyor chains (XHD eXtra Heavy Duty welded steel chains) offering bigger bearing-surfaces and stronger link plates

Ready-to-install solutions – resource-saving, flexible, sustainable and cost-saving.

Ready to install WHX chains FB Chain

On request, we supply the chains with flights and in chain lengths according to your wishes, adapted to your application parameters. You have less waste, lower costs and less effort.

Materials, heat treatments and manufacturing processes

Materials:high alloy Mn or Cr steels
Manufacturing:WH: quenched and tempered IBR, WHX, XHD: quenched and tempered & induction hardened (WR: quenched and tempered)WH: quenched and tempered IBR, WHX, XHD : quenched and tempered & induction hardened (WR : no heat treatment)WH, IBR, WHX, XHD: quenched and tempered IBRS: working surface induction hardened (WR: no heat treatment)
Heat treatment:one side head, other side riveted optional: welded, strong press fit anti-twist protection, centreless groundsolid bush, welded to the chain plates from the inside, centreless groundplate holes precision punched or double punched (depending on chain type)